2 thoughts on “We want to hear from you!

  1. Paul Beaudoin

    As a delegate from Weld County I’m responding to the Resolutions Ballot. In the education portion the “negative factor” is referred to.

    Me and my daughter (she has been a kindergarten teacher for twenty years) did a little online research and it appears to us that the negative factor is a mechanism for any legislator to take funding from education for any other project they might want. While I think TABOR keeps education, among other things, from being properly funded it appears to me that returning to negative factor wouldn’t solve anything.

    It appears that choosing between TABOR and negative factor is like choosing between being hung or shot.


  2. Thank you, Paul, for your question and comment. I empathize.
    Most certainly, CHANGING the TABOR amendment is the long-term fix the state needs. As your state senator I would refer a constitutional amendment to the people to repeal or modify TABOR, since it has prevented us from adequately funding the overall needs of our state. However, if that effort fails – as an educator who has K-12 teaching and service experience, I am also committed to advancing legislation to shift money in the current budget to address the “negative factor”…. tens of millions of dollars are identified every year by the Legislative Audit Committee on where to find inefficient, duplicative, or wasteful spending in the state budget.


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