Welcome a Progressive New Democratic Candidate

For nearly two decades, Galina Nicoll, Ph.D., has been a tax-paying Coloradan. She has been a Broomfield resident for over a decade. Dr. Nicoll is a distinguished community leader, researcher and educator, teaching Russian Studies and Space Exploration courses in the Global Residential Academic Program at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

  • As an instructional leader, Galina serves on an innovation incubator committee, generating creative solutions for integrating mental health practices into the curriculum.
  • As a community organizer, Galina championed support for grass-roots campaigns to protect our water and soil from dangers, including toxic pesticides and herbicides.
  • As a researcher and a supporter of CORising, 350*CO, Earth Guardians, Growing Gardens and LOGIC (the League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans) among others, Galina addressed the Broomfield City Council and legislators from neighboring districts, presenting scientific evidence on the devastating health-related impacts from applications of glyphosate as well as disastrous environmental and health consequences of the hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’).
  • As an advocate and spouse of a combat veteran, Galina is helping develop innovative solutions and resources to assist veterans as they transition to civilian careers.
  • As a recently naturalized American citizen, Galina takes civic engagement seriously and is tremendously grateful for the opportunity to participate in the democratic process by serving her community and representing constituents in Senate District 23.

Late Fall of 2019