William Karspeck

Mayor, Town of Berthoud CO

I endorse Dr. Galina Nicoll for Colorado State Senate SD-23!

Candi CdeBaca

Denver City Councilwoman, Progressive Leader Founder of Project Voice & Excelling Leaders Institute

“I stand with Galina because she unapologetically stands with those of us who know we must shift our economy to prioritize the protection of our environment; to uplift our women, to protect our children and bring justice to our immigrant and low-income communities most painfully impacted by pollution. Since she was a teenager she has fought to protect her community, and has continued this fight as an immigrant educator for over seventeen years as a Colorado resident and now is working towards this goal as a candidate in the state Senate race in district 23. Galina is a newly naturalized US citizen, whose appreciation for our Democracy is refreshing. I trust her to go well beyond the convenient measures to protect those among us for whom access to clean water and air is an issue of life and death first, and environmental and social justice second. “

— Candi CdeBaca

Ron Tupa

Former State Senator and Senate Democratic Caucus Chairman

After serving 14 years in the state House and Senate, I base my decision to endorse candidates not on what they’ve done in the past, but on what they plan on doing for their constituents in the future.

With the unprecedented budget cuts created by COVID-19, Dr. Galina Nicoll has the strongest legislative proposals to address CO’s budget shortfall while representing the ‘New Progressive Priorities for SD-23” to turn this state senate seat BLUE in November! 

            If passed, Galina’s proposals would modify TABOR and restore funding to K-12 and higher ed; bring in $25 million more annually in mass-transit revenue; lower the cost of childcare for working families; increase cost-saving options on health insurance and pharmaceuticals; and address climate change by transitioning away from oil and gas and providing retraining and jobs in cleaner, greener industries.”

Our Revolution Weld County is proud to endorse Dr. Galina Nicoll for Colorado Senate District 23!

Please […] most importantly vote for her for SD23!

“Dr. Galina Nicoll’s campaign has been formally endorsed by the Southwest Council of Carpenters. Thank you for standing up on behalf of working people and fighting to make Colorado a better place for workers and their families!“

Liliana Flanigan

Community Organizer

Climate Strikes co-lead

Education Committee Head

Grand Valley Students United

“I am proud to endorse Dr. Galina Nicoll for SD 23! As a young activist and 14-year Colorado resident, I have watched leaders represent communities without outreach, empathy, and care causing them to suffer. I firmly believe Dr. Nicoll is driven to represent and listen to every one of her future constituents, while fighting to make the future of her district even brighter. She fights for the environment, education, and the ability of all of us to contribute to a better Colorado. 

Having grown up in a multicultural household, I know the importance of diverse life experiences when making the decisions needed to continue to move Colorado forward. Dr. Galina Nicoll has an incredible perspective, and her dedication to those she serves will carry through as a legislator. I offer her my utmost support, and I urge you to vote for her and send her to our Senate!”

Robert McClendon

Retired Peace Corps Country Director (multiple countries of the former Soviet Bloc, among them Poland)

I’m Robert McClendon, I am retired from the Peace Corps and have lived in Longmont for the past 20 years.  I’ve known Dr. Galina Nicoll for over 20 years and watched how her passion against fracking and corporate pollution has evolved into an authentic, tenacious leadership style centered on quality education, environmental justice and economic inclusion for low-income and working families.

I wholeheartedly endorse Galina for CO state senate in Senate District 23, the seat currently held by Republican Vicki Marble.”

Wanda Osterman Harris

Advocate for Non-Toxic Communities and Parks in Colorado

“I strongly support Dr. Galina Nicoll who is running as a Democrat for election to the Colorado State Senate to represent District 23.
I know her to be a lifelong environmentalist, whose service and dedication to the health and safety of our communities goes back over a decade.
As a professional she makes decisions based on science and practical experience to help protect our landscape in Colorado. She shows her concern for adults, children, and seniors, as well as for pets, pollinators, wildlife and the biodiversity of the native flora and fauna.
She recognizes the importance of maintaining and regenerating the purity of the air, water and soil which provides us with a healthy living environment.
I feel confident that I can rely on her to vote to ensure that our neighborhoods are free of toxic chemicals and synthetic fertilizers.
Please consider voting for Galina Nicoll this election to improve the current situation so many Colorado communities face today- the uncertainty of the health and safety of where we live. Make your vote count by using it to bring on a leader who can make a difference that will improve this region of the State of Colorado.”

Tamar Larsen

Teaching Prof. Modern Nordic Culture and Society, Business Leadership, GRAP CU-Boulder

I urge you to support and vote for my colleague, Dr.Galina Nicoll. She is uniquely poised to deliver a refreshing and bold voice to our politics that is rooted in her immigrant background and her passion for service. Galina will champion the legislative efforts to improve our healthcare and childcare, work to restore social justice and bring shrewd, tenacious leadership to the most urgent problems in our state.”

Joan Gregerson

Founder, Green Team AcademyAuthor, Climate Action Challenge

Green Team Academy

I endorse Dr. Galina Nicoll for Colorado State Senate SD-23 for her dedication to the environmental and innovative, holistic leadership.”

 Professor Sven Steinmo

Political Science, University of Colorado

I strongly support Galina Nicoll for CO state Senate in Senate District 23. 

As an immigrant from post-communist society, she knows what democracy means in a way that few of us can truly appreciate. Galina is progressive and practical. In addition to her regular teaching and research, she serves in many capacities at CU-Boulder community, designing mental-health solutions for college-level learning processes; coaching faculty and staff with lectures on wellbeing practices; supporting LGBTQ scholars and students; staging large and small diversity and inclusion events.  She knows first-hand that ‘real’ democracy means being responsive to constituents and putting the needs of her community first. If elected, her progressive priorities would help working families and direct millions more to our woefully underfunded K-12 and higher education systems. Please vote for Galina and send an educator and progressive Democrat to the Legislature!”

Dr. Caroline Conzelman

Democracy and Cultural Anthropology, Service Learning @ the Global Residential Academic Program, CU Boulder

Galina is one of the hardest working instructors at CU Boulder, and I know she will apply the same commitment to excellence to her service in the Colorado Senate. Galina is a thoughtful and creative teacher, the winner of multiple grants and awards for her service to community, mental health solutions for a variety of campus settings, and technology innovations in the classroom. She always helps connect her students to relevant issues and experts from around the world to bring course material to life. Galina‘s primary goals as a Senator are to build coalitions to usher Colorado out of its fossil fuel dependency and into a renewable energy economy that is equitable; and to help connect organizations, educators and businesses to provide critical training, apprenticeships and jobs to our underserved populations — to workers losing jobs in Oil and Gas, specifically. To have a scholar and educator like Galina serving the state of Colorado is just what we need right now!”

James Townsend

Award-Winning Author, Writer, Editor, Political Blog commentator

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