This is an “ISSUES” campaign

I believe representation matters, now more than ever. With BLM and the racial justice movement taking center stage, and the Legislature focused on post-COVID economic recovery, it is essential that we make every effort to transition to a more just and equitable society. I am seeking to represent constituents in Broomfield, Larimer and Weld counties because I care about our most vulnerable populations and have shared some of their experiences: I have lived with a mixed-immigration status; I have filed a political Asylum case for my parents; I have been without health insurance while pregnant; I have also struggled as a teaching professor with a PhD living paycheck to paycheck. I want to bring these experiences to my representation for our children and seniors, our working families and small business owners – they all need to be supported in these challenging economic times and given every opportunity to enjoy Colorado’s high quality of life! To that end, I have proposed specific plans to jumpstart our economy that are inclusive, sustainable and people-focused. Mine is an issues-based campaign centered on service and passing legislation that would benefit everyone. Smart fiscal policy will allow us to not only re-energize our strong renewable industries sector, but will also support our most affected and historically-underserved populations: those living in poverty, lacking training, or having lost or been unable to find a way to earn a decent income.

As a newly-naturalized U.S. citizen, I am honored to live in a country whose principles of freedom and civic responsibility I value and hold so dear. I dedicated over seventeen years in service to my community through educational, advocacy and artistic work as a tax-paying Coloradan. I care deeply about the health, safety and wellbeing of my neighbors, friends and family and am willing to take urgent and bold action to: 1) ensure that our air, water and soil are safe for all; 2) that our schools have adequate funding; 3) that our healthcare system can deliver quality medical services and pharmaceuticals that are AFFORDABLE; 4) that we reexamine our social services to address racial and social inequities; and 5) that our transportation infrastructure is updated and our immigration processes overhauled.

Here are some examples of the proposed legislation:

  1. To help restart our economy and get us going again

2. To get our people back to work and our crumbling infrastructure a much-needed fix


Galina’s Progressive Legislative Priorities for SD 23!

We must switch to green, renewable energy sources and address the climate crisis with decisive legislative action!

ENVIRONMENT –– stop Trump’s assault on our public lands & address the existential crisis of climate change

  1. Increase severance taxes on Oil and Gas extraction and increase fines for Oil and Gas companies that fail to file well production reports, like Anadarko (missing 2016-2018)
  2. Propose out-of-the-box solutions to minimize the use of plastics, including establishing a new statewide recycling program (atomization through TURBO machines; bacterial bio-recycling)
  3. Champion legislation that shifts energy reliance to renewable, green industries such as wind and solar

HEALTHCARE / MENTAL HEALTH –– all options must be on the table, including a ‘public option’

  1. Support mental-health solutions proposed by Rep. Jonathan Singer, adding more pilot programs and education for police force to destigmatize mental illness and create new protocols for intervention
  2. Support legislation by Rep. Sonya Jaquez Lewis increasing the importation of Canadian pharmaceuticals and accessibility to life-saving medication at a reasonable cost
  3. Support the Governor’s proposal for a ‘public option’ to increase competition and lower costs

EDUCATION –– the TABOR amendment undermines funding and must be modified or repealed

  1. Refer graduated income tax on high income earners over $1 million to voters to increase funding for K-12 and Higher Education
  2. Address teacher shortages by allowing applicants with advanced degrees and instructional experience to teach in K-12 schools without needing teacher ‘certification’
  3. Refer measure to voters restoring local school board authority to increase property taxes to fund schools (simply returning to pre-TABOR era for K-12 school funding)

TRANSPORTATION –– increase revenue to expand transportation options and mitigate traffic gridlock

  1. Allow HOV use for 2+ passengers to allow safer travel for carpools and commuters with children
  2. Expand the boundaries of the RTD taxing district to include all of Douglas County, bringing in millions of additional dollars annually to fund rail along US-36 and up the I-25 corridor to Fort Collins
  3. Allow commuters to deduct the cost of tolls to/from work as a business expense on CO income taxes

CHILDCARE –– is cost-prohibitive and negatively impacts 60 percent of the workforce – women

  1. Partner with CO businesses and industries to reduce the cost of childcare for working moms and dads
  2. Increase tax credits for families with children (double the CO tax credit and expand income brackets)
  3. Propose a commission to study options for identifying additional revenue to offset childcare costs
  4. Propose a commission to study possibilities for funding sources to combat infertility

IMMIGRATION –– take state action against Trump’s violation of Human Rights against immigrants

  1. Introduce resolution supporting the bipartisan American Dream and Promise Act (H.R. 6)
  2. Provide legal assistance to expedite the processing time for permanent resident immigrants
  3. Keep families together



Thanks! ­    – Galina